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“Tessa’s presentations are always illuminating and valuable,
no matter which side of the desk you’re on.”

Known as the “Job Doctor” on television, Tessa brings powerful expertise into the company and people dynamics that create engagement, accountability, and develop internal change agents. She teaches the skills to move employees from average to top performers and teaches companies how to retain and engage this top-tier workforce.

She has been speaking on employee engagement and performance for over 15 years, helping people shift the way they see their companies, their role, and their potential contributions. Her presentations give tangible and original tactics that create momentum that sticks. It’s the best, fastest way to evolve any company’s team members into top talent and passionate, valued contributors.

With Tessa’s help, your employees will be guided on how to showcase their best talents, and how to apply them towards solving the most critical problems for your company. Every individual, regardless of job level, will walk away with a game plan to implement simple changes that can take the impact of their work from average to extraordinary.

Building a Culture of Commitment:  How to Transform Your Employees into an Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Focused, and Cohesive Team

Top-down leadership was long a model for creating good teams.  Today, employers
seek more powerful alignment and the best possible employee engagement.  This
requires leaders to consistently create an environment in which every team member can act as a true business partner instead of ‘just” a subordinate.  When leaders invite their people to co-create the outcomes of the business, people are moved from waiting for instructions from their manager to owning and solving problems efficiently and with passion.

In this presentation, Tessa will identify five critical principles to help leaders build a
lasting transformative system that facilitates true partnerships and ignite employee engagement.  An  environment of shared accountability,  transparency, high involvement, trust, and commitment is possible for any business in any industry, with any type of team.  To achieve unshakeable loyalty, leaders must implement these four principles:

  • Engaging the Front Line: Deputizing every employee with the sincere authority
    and the confidence to see and solve problems, and to lead in their sphere of
  • Creating Co-Coaching Culture: Harness the power of courageous candor
    about people, performance, and problems. This becomes the foundation of
    employee engagement.
  •  The Ethics Accelerator: Strong teams are built with strong ethics. Find out why ethics matter so much and how keeping even small promises can supercharge partnerships with your team.
  • Clear Commitments: Create agreements that help employees feel like a true
    partner in the business, and reward them for results that benefit the business.
    The greatest complaint people have of their managers is micro-management or lack of clarity. Learn to hit the right note and thoughtfully and systematically shift the culture to reveal a wealth of competence, intelligence, commitment, innovation, and dedication in the team they already have.

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Your savvy co-workers already know this, and so does your manager: If your career plan is to do your job well and wait for an annual increase, you’ve already fallen behind.  Tessa White will help audiences to discover what they can do right – and right now – to get noticed, get appreciated, and get valued for their contributions, starting today. Instead of working harder and harder while wondering why someone else’s work is being rewarded over their own, every attendee will quickly grasp how they can become the person who is recognized as a rising star, a valuable contributor to the company’s morale and bottom line.  The benefit to companies? Re-energized teams eager to do better every day. 

In this incredibly practical and proactive seminar, Tessa blasts apart the downfalls of the “wait and see” approach to career growth and reveals the secrets of top performers drawn from her experience with more than 10,000 employees at every level. Her engaging approach, concrete case studies, and real-life examples make it perfectly clear that a different attitude and a different approach will open up new possibilities and accelerate the results anyone can deliver to their company. This program includes:

  1. Playing in the Gap: To increase your value to your company, identify where the company is versus where it wants to be and then solve problems within that gap.  This kind of high-level thinking will help you stand out and get noticed for your contribution.  
  2. Identifying What Matters:  How to discover the real top priorities at your company or within your department, make progress toward them quickly, and thus be recognized as a leader.  
  3. Getting off Autopilot: Change the way you see yourself at work.  Figure out how your bosses see your work and your contribution and then discover the best strategies to alter the way they see your work and contribution potential with fresh eyes. 
  4. Building Internal Champions: Become a champion for your interests and causes by using these techniques to get others invested in your projects and ideas, and then how to use those relationships to build momentum and overcome barriers. 

Imagine what getting that kind of insider insight will do for your audience’s ability to move past ineffective strategies into those that will help engage them as a driving force within the company!  Companies may be full of employees or trying to do more with fewer people, but this single program will turn “regular” employees into dedicated, supercharged workers eager to give their best and more to their company and its bottom line. 

Become a Stand-Out Candidate: The Best Job Seekers Strategy for Getting the Job You Want Most 

For anyone seeking a new job, getting expert advice from an HR insider is like having a secret weapon. Tessa’s dynamic, interactive, and entertaining presentations give attendees precise strategies that will transform their application and interview process. Take a peek at how hiring decisions are made behind closed doors and what makes one candidate stand out over another. How to be that person is critical for everyone at a career crossroads, especially in today’s competitive hiring environment.

Getting a job can be an overwhelming task where many may not know where to begin. Tessa holds a step-by-step strategy that gets applicants the attention and consideration necessary to land an offer. She will share insider secrets on how to prepare for and lead any interview in a way that is both memorable and compelling to the hiring team. She’ll also help listeners avoid ineffective strategies, and calm their nerves. Learn the 10 things to never say and focus on how to package and present your experience and talents in a way that will be irresistible to future employers. Best of all, she will show you how to ultimately get the offer and command top dollar for your skillset. The audience will learn:  

  1. Outsmarting the Applicant Tracking System: How to create a resume that makes it through the online application process into the hands of a real person.
  2. Repairing Skill Gaps: The best ways to quickly expand any missing skillsets to create a more robust resume.
  3. Networking for Success: How to tap into industry news, be the first to find out about job openings, and wriggle into vital groups that can expand critical networking and get you noticed before you even apply.
  4. Interview Prepping Framework: Define and package yourself as an ideal candidate. Turn the most commonly botched interview questions into a competitive advantage for yourself.
  5. The Forgotten Elements of Pay Negotiation: Learn what can be negotiated in an offer in addition to salary.
  6. How to make sure you are the applicant they cannot forget: Become the candidate that ultimately receives the final offer.

At the end of this dynamic program, Tessa’s audiences report feeling renewed confidence, “enthusiasm for the search process”, certainty and hope.  Whether the audience is seeking C-level positions or entry-level, whether they are newly minted MBAs or mid-career transitioning, this presentation encourages attendees to find – and get – their ideal new role. 

For booking and pricing information, please contact Wendy Keller at Keller Media through Tessa’s Get In Touch page.
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