Who is The Job Doctor?

I’m a truth-telling, reformed Fortune 50 executive. I moved from the corporate corner office to the other side of the equation after over 20 years leading people strategies for companies. In 2020, The Job Doctor business was born. Now I help you get ahead at work. 

Why should you listen to me? 

My vantage point on careers is uniquely targeted to help you. I’ve hired and fired thousands of people and I’ve watched how careers rise and fall. I’ve grown companies and shrunk them. I’ve restructured, layed off, and redesigned companies from the ground up. I see the intersection of human behavior, our workplaces, and careers in play. Every. Single. Day.

I teach individuals how to
navigate the workplace.

I teach companies how to
unlock the potential
of their people.

My Credentials For Stuffy People

I’ve been the head of Human Resources for fast-growth companies, primarily in technology. I work in places that want to go fast, go public or grow through aggressive merger and acquisitions strategies. My first career job was working with acclaimed leadership expert, Stephen R. Covey. This helped me as I moved on to bigger companies. I moved on to UnitedHealthGroup and ended my career with Vivint Solar (now SunRun), leading our people strategy which earned us recognition as one of Glass Door’s Top 20 Companies to Work. The company sold for 27x its starting valuation to one of Blackstone’s most successful sales in history.

My heart is with young professionals. I serve on Board of Trustees for Utah State University, and I’m on the board for Utah Valley University’s Womens Success Center. I’m active in our business community, serving on the Board of the Utah Tech Innovations Council, where we mentor and grow Utah’s best and brightest upcoming businesses.

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