Over 1,000 new followers a day has been achieved with a very specific style of teaching: I get straight to the point. I’ve found people are looking for not only the WHAT they need to do, but HOW they need to apply the knowledge specifically.  I use case studies from the companies in which I’ve worked and the clients I’ve coached, and pair those with concrete examples, scripts, and before/after examples to illustrate the transformational power of the changes I’m asking people to adopt.

I also understand the power of short-form training. Today’s individual does not want a long, drawn-out presentation.  They want to learn in quick, actionable bites, and they want to know how to apply the knowledge in their life, with their unique circumstances.

My speaking events are broken into two sections: First, teaching through powerful examples and case studies. Second, audience participation through an ample question and answer period. These sessions are powerful to participants, as evidenced by my TikTok LIVE sessions, which are consistently ranked among the top 1% of creators within my space in the TikTok community.

USA Today has listed me as one of the Top Speakers for 2022 and I believe it’s because I have experience with the nuanced differences in how Millennials and Gen Z learn, and who are quickly becoming the primary audience in the workplace.

Speaking Options

Virtual or Live Keynote

Targeted Training

  • 45 min training followed by 15 minute Q/A
  • Includes in-depth planning call and proposal
  • Can be recorded for future use
  • Customizable upon request
  • Unlimited participants

Ideal for employee resource groups, conferences, or webinars

Team or Executive Consulting 

Work Session

  • 1 hour private rent-my-brain consultation with leader
  • 100% customized session
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Virtual only
  • Follow-up action planning with leader

Ideal for team transformations, problem solving, reorganizations and department prioritization planning

Leadership Group Mentoring

6-8 week Group Coaching

  • 6-8 sessions of stackable skills coaching
  • 30-minute virtual coaching sessions with 15 min Q&A
  • Mid-week homework assignments
  • Additional weekly Q&A sessions
  • Up to 12 participants

Ideal for top talent initiatives and small group leadership development

Non profit and education pricing available

Customization available upon request

Speaking Topics

Influence from the Inside-Out

Becoming a Person of Power at Any Level

Working hard is important but that alone will never get you a “seat at the table”. Learn the roadmap to become a trusted partner across the organization yourself as a person of influence and problem-solver in your department and the company. Three impactful areas will be explored: Strengthening authentic communication (even when the stakes are high), learning to choose and measure the right work each day, and how to develop true partnerships at work.

  • Learn the 5 Stages of Career Growth and which skillset you’ll need next
  • Explore the formula for becoming a person of power in any company
  • Learn how to identify and prioritize the work that the company values
  • Deconstruct how cross department collaboration fails and learn how to create champions across the organization

Trust Transformation

Vital Communication Strategies in a Cancel Culture

One of the fatal flaws that prevents career growth is not knowing how to have hard conversations.  Learn the gateway to career growth by learning how to communicate in conflict, without putting your job or reputation at risk.  Identify the four elements of trust and your own “trust wobble”.  Learn a model to foster honest conversations even when the stakes are high, and methods for confronting disagreements, unmet expectations, or addressing difficult conversations in a way that builds, rather than breaks trust.

  • Dive into the 5 deadly sins of communicating in conflict
  • Learn about halfway conversations and how they hurt you
  • Learn how trust is built and where you may be falling short
  • Get introduced to the Gap Model for communicating in conflict

The Unspoken Truths

Navigating Promotions, Politics and YOUR Power in the Workplace

Based upon my book (released Feb 28, 2023), this lifts the covers on workplace issues in a way you’ve never heard before. Learn how to work with, rather than against companies, and learn how to make a difference without losing yourself in the process. Develop a career strategy that leaves you energized, rather than drained, learn the keys to becoming a more promotable person. Every individual will leave understanding how to implement a self-directed growth strategy and a path to reclaim career satisfaction.

  • Learn how to match hard work with the RIGHT work the company values
  • Drive your own feedback plan and top talent career strategy
  • Understand how you create personal leverage to get more “yesses”
  • Learn to utilize company politics for the valuable role they can play
  • Practice a framework for having hard conversation without hurting your career

The Modern Millennial Leader

Bending the Curve on Employee Loyalty

How do leaders create a value proposition that makes team members want to engage and become true partners in the business? In a world of quiet quitting, how do you build momentum, while balancing against burnout? As the workplace shifts to millennial and GenZ, learn how to create the conditions that motivate your team and bend the curve on loyalty.

  • Discover how to quickly decode emerging problems before turnover occurs
  • Explore the three loyalty killers that will begin to unravel a team
  • Create the conditions for mutual problem solving without demotivating the team or sacrificing results you need to drive
  • Learn how to have honest and effective coaching conversations

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