Rent-My-Brain Options


If you are uncertain of the best strategies to employ in order to have your talents utilized and rewarded at work, or if you are trying to working through a difficult work issue where the stakes are high, this is your chance to get expert advice and clear next steps. 


If you are seeking guidance on setting up a 1-5 year people strategy or if you need help to assess your HR department effectiveness, this is your chance to get senior-level expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone.

Career Navigation for Individuals:
  • A Vice-President who realized she was in the wrong field and wanted to pivot without sacrificing massive income loss
  • A Director who knew a re-structure was imminent and didn’t want to be part of the collateral damage
  • A middle management public relations expert who wanted to negotiate a raise after taking time off work for the birth of her first child
  • A newly divorced stay at home mom without current work skills looking to enter the workforce for the first time
  • A committed employee who was put on a performance plan and didn’t want to be fired
People Strategy for Companies:
  • A company that needed a roadmap for next-stage growth 
  • A company that needed an assessment and plan to reduce high employee turnover 
  • A CEO looking to cut layers of management without sacrificing critical momentum
  • A CEO within a male dominated industry that wanted more qualified women to rise within the ranks
  • A company that needed to fire an employee but didn’t know how to do it without creating litigation risk

The Best Satisfaction Guarantee You’ll Ever Find:

I am committed to your success and I want you to feel our time is well spent. I offer an absolute no-risk guarantee on our time together. At the conclusion of each call, I will ask if you feel you’ve receive value that matches your cost from our time together. If you don’t believe you received a value commensurate with your investment, I will refund your money, no strings attached. I don’t know of any other type of guarantee that gives you a full refund if you aren’t happy with the results after the time investment has been made.

We will break down the concerns and questions together so you walk away with a plan and my very best insights into the success strategies I’ve gathered in over 20 years in the business and people strategy space.

Steps for Rent-My-Brain:

Click the button below and reserve an appointment that works for you 

You will immediately receive a confirmation with call-in details

If you aren’t sure the best option please contact me directly and we can determine the perfect package for your needs.

  • 1 Hour Session

  • $199/mo
  • Great when you have one or two specific career or company problems you’d like to solve

  • 4 Session Package

  • $749/mo
  • Perfect for developing working through complex or multi-question HR or career issues, where several work sessions are needed to complete the goal.

  • Monthly On-Demand Access

  • $$2350/mo
  • Perfect for individuals seeking a full-time coach and a high-touch mentor experience. Includes on-demand help, quick response time, Have your secret weapon on speed-dial. Can also be used for companies seeking fractional HR consulting on a monthly basis as well.


Tessa went over techniques for talking with my manager about my career path and I was able increase my pay by $20,000 within a week of her advice. It was amazing how she knew exactly how the conversation would go, and I was prepared and practiced with exactly the right words to say.

Matt, Mid-Career Pivot

You taught me how to give feedback years ago and I swear by that model. It has helped me stay on point and non-emotional and have great honest conversations.

Sandy, Sr. leader consult

Tessa helped me be braver, take more risks, and go after opportunities. It was her words to me that motivated me to go after leadership opportunities I never would have pursued otherwise. I got the role and it jump-started my career in ways that are still paying off.

Sarah, First Career Job

Tessa taught me a model about how to get to a ``Yes`` with business leaders. It stuck with me and I've recalled it many times

Illens, CEO consult

I can’t believe the world that opened up to me after working with Tessa. It changed how I presented myself in a job search and she helped connect me with people that helped me make a career pivot. I’ve never heard concepts presented the way she did, and she was a secret weapon in my career search.

Christine, Recent College Graduate

This is pure genius. You get it.

Patrick, CEO consult

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