It’s Finally Coming!

Exclusive Small Group Career Mentoring for Career Professionals.
Groups will be limited to 12 participants. By invitation only.

There will be four separate cohorts:
  1. Early-Stage Career: For those in their first 5 years of professional career
  2. Mid-Stage Career: For those who are approximately 5-10 years into their career and not yet a senior leader
  3. Senior Leadership: For Directors to C-Suite career professionals
  4. Human Resources Professionals: Anyone in the human resources profession looking to become more strategic

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In one session with Tessa, she was able to help me negotiate an offer that was $30,000 higher than the first my first post-college job! Definitely worth the investment

Seth R.

Within 5 minutes of working with Tessa, I knew I had stumbled onto an incredible wealth of knowledge. Her honesty was refreshing. She got straight to the point and she was on-point 100%. Her help made all the difference in how I came across to employers.

Jeremy B.

I had been out of work for nearly 4 years raising my children. I was terrified to return to work to a minimum wage job. We were able to pivot my resume and interview adn I received an offer at the first place I applied to, making $15K more than I was at my previous job. Because of her, I was able to get everything I asked for, some of which never would have occurred to me. I will endlessly sing her praises

Mandy C.

I can tell you this—I got so much more for my money than I ever anticipated! Your wealth of knowledge and ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter was remarkable.

Laura K.

In a very short amount of time Tessa outlined a number of items and helped me feel even more prepared for a job offer. When it came I inquired about the equity range for positions at my level as Tessa had suggested, and without any negotiating at all the company increased the equity offering by 25%.


Thank you. Thank you. I went from no interviews to job offers as soon as I started working with Tessa. She was able to help me make the changes I needed to immediately start getting job offers.

Pam C.

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Joining the waitlist is NOT a commitment to the program.