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Stop Spinning Your Wheels At Work

Take back control of your own career momentum and set yourself on a path for a more balanced relationship with the workplace.

This book sets the stage for people to have a more balanced relationship with their company, and gives a pathway to having more control and greater voice without putting an individuals job at risk.

Walkaway with practical strategies, tools, “do this/not that” guides, and even scripts to address the most common frustrations in a career. A perfect book for career professionals, as well as their leaders, to avoid common career traps, and set people on a path to greater workplace satisfaction.

The truth about promotions: The most promotable people don’t focus on their job description. Learn the ways to create greater influence and be seen and rewarded for solving the problems that hold the company back.

The truth about power: Learn to make your asks through the lens of the company and how to influence change and increase your power in any role

The truth about burnout: Companies are designed to take as much as individuals will give. Learn how to get more productive without losing yourself in the process.

The truth about performance: People don’t have an accurate view of how they are perceived. Learn how to get closer to the truth and identify the exact skillsets to prepare for each new stage of career growth.

The truth about office politics: Being dismissive of office politics may cause a person tos miss how to make them work for, rather than against their career. Learn the positives to politics and how to adjust without compromising ones values.

The truth about pay: Hard work doesn’t always lead to more money. Learn the value of leverage and how to ask for (and get) what you deserve.


Unspoken Truths for Career Success is a terrific read for the new generations rising in the workforce—and for their leaders. Tessa’s vantage point is invaluable; applying her insights will help accelerate the hard career lessons that most learn only through years of trial and error.”

Stephen M. R. Covey
The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire


“I have a Master’s Degree from Harvard, yet I gathered more practical career advice from this book than I ever did in the classroom. I’ve learned how to give better feedback, navigate high-stakes situations and proactively craft a fulfilling career for myself. I will be giving this book to all my favorite graduates this year.”

Lauren Neeleman

CEO of LessData


The Unspoken Truths for Career Success is an indispensible workplace manual that should be studied, not just read, for anyone who feels undervalued or unfulfilled, and wants to be recognized for all they have to offer.

Steve Littlefield
VP of Operations, WeLink


Tessa is making people and companies true partners again by reframing the incredible opportunity individuals have to interact with their companies more honestly and to make a difference. I’ve seen her strategies work firsthand in creating extraordinary value, both to the individual and the company. Unspoken Truths gives uncommon insights for those looking to build an exceptional career. 

Dennis Wood
Founder at


“My first job was with one the best companies to work for in the world.  They taught me everything – except how to manage my own career.  A decade of bumps and bruises later, I was starting to get the idea.  Tessa’s book would have saved me time and made me money.  I think this should be a required primer for every graduating college student before they begin their first job.  Not only will they come to appreciate it, but their employer will also appreciate someone who has a plan as well.”
Bill Bennett
Author and CEO of Inside-Out


“What if there was a map to help you hack your career? This is the map. Get it. Follow it. Make your career work for you.”

Barry Rellaford
Professional Training and Coaching Consultant


“Conflicts in the workplace often result in employees avoiding difficult conversations, thereby missing opportunities to become trusted advisors, land leadership roles, and be recognized for their merits. If you’re facing any type of conflict in your place of employment, this book will help you transform a potentially-career killing situation into an opportunity to demonstrate vulnerability, build confidence, and demonstrate transparency without losing respect.

Kate Pozeznik
CEO & Founder of Quirk Personal Branding & Career Consulting 


Workforce is THE issue of the day and individuals are struggling with how to “make peace” with companies and the workplace. What valuable insights this book contains about how to do that!  It teaches so clearly how to navigate the changing landscape of the workplace with easy actions items any individual can take to create a better experience.  

Val Hale
Exec Director
Utah Governors Office of Economic Development  (recently retired)


This is not just work advice, it’s life advice! The Unspoken Truths is a profound approach to regain control in a world that can seemingly appear out of it. The mistake is to say that you wish you had this advice when you were getting started because then you’ll miss the absolute gems that can either relaunch your world or push your aspirations to greater heights. From the mailroom to the C-Suite, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an influencer, there’s nothing you will face that The Unspoken Truths doesn’t address.

Loki Mulholland
Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker and Author